10 Best Kept Secrets to Selling Your Home

Dated: 03/08/2018

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Secret #10: Pricing it Under Market Value
Find out your homes' value, then drop the asking price by 10-20%. This will cause a multiple offer situation and will ultimately result in at least 1 offer at or above market value. This strategy can be scary and intimidating but it works

Secret #9: Closets & Storage Spaces
There's no such thing as too much storage space. Buyers are always looking for storage space while they're viewing potential homes to purchase. Now is the time to purge everything that has been sitting in your closet for more than 6 months. Stage your closets to look like there is too much room in there! Buyers will snoop, so be sure to keep all your closets and cabinets clean and tidy. Neat and organized closets are sure to impress home buyers. 

Secret #8: Light it up
Lighting is a key feature in any home. From interior lighting to natural light, every home buyer love's LIGHT. Before listing your property for sale, replace your burnt-out light bulbs, take down those dark drapes and replace with sheer curtains, open the blinds, trim the bushes in front of the windows, add lighting to the closets and pantry. 

Secret #7: Hire the Right Agent
A garaunteed way to NOT sell your home is hiring the wrong real estate agent. Hire an agent that is tech-savy, a marketing-guru, and one who knows the market. Any agent that plans to sell your home with the 3 P's (Place a sign in the yard, Put on MLS, and Pray) is out; it's not the 90's anymore. A good real estate agent will impress you with knowledge, his/her marketing strategy, and proven sales. Watch out for the agent that tells you what you want to hear. More times than not, those are the agents you want to steer clear from.

Secret #6: Fur-ever Friends
When preparing your home for potential home buyers, make sure to conceal your fur-babies toys. Some people are allergic to cats and dogs and you definitely don't want to deter those buyers. Pet hair, bowls, litter boxes, and toys shouldn't be seen. When a potential buyer comes through, take your fur baby with you! 

Secret #5: Small Updates that Make a Difference
Making small changes before opening up your home to potential home buyers pay off more than you may think. Changing bright paint color to a more-neutral tone will help buyers envision their family & furnishings easier. Update cabinetry hardware, door knobs, light fixtures, and electrical outlets. Cleaning your carpet, grout, and refinishing floors will make your home feel new again! Don't underestimate the little things! 

Secret #4: De-Personalize
The #1 recommendation from a home stager/interior designer, is to declutter & de-personalize when preparing your home to sell. Your home shows best when kids toys/playhouses aren't taking up space. Put all of your things that aren't needed on a daily basis in storage. Take your family photos off of the walls and your kids artwork off of the fridge. Once your home is showcased on MLS, the photos will be shown on thousands of other home selling sites and you probably don't want your kids face on thousands of websites. When hiring The Thelen Group to sell & market your home, a home staging consultation comes complemntary. A professional home stager will help determine the best way to arrange your furniture, where the decor should be placed, pops of color, and how to showcase your home to the fullest extent. 

Secret #3: The Holy-Grail of any Home
Your kitchen can make or break your homes' sale. Kitchens are the top decision making areas to home buyers. If your budget allows, update your kitchen to "wow" potential home buyers with granite counters, updated cabinetry (go white or go expresso), update backsplash with subway tile, and update appliances to stainless steel. If you're wanting to make subtle updates to your kitchen, paint your current cabinets, add an easy "stick & peel" backsplash, and upgrade appliances. If your kitchen is a WOW factor, the rest of your home is just a bonus. And the cherry on the cake is that you'll recoup about 85% of the cost of upgrading your kitchen. 

Secret #2: Show-Ready
When your house is on the market, you will need to be "show-ready" with short notice. Keep the sink clean and sparkling, put your shoes up, blankets folded & put away, and most importantly, be ready to run out the door at any given moment. It may come as an inconvenience but it is always best to show your home in the best light.

Secret #1: Your Homes First Impression
The exterior of your home is the first thing potential homes buyers will notice and you never have a second chance to make a good first impression. Spruce up your yard with dark mulch in the flower beds or around the trees, add colorful flowers for a pop of color, trim bushes and limbs before the professional photos. It is also helpful to add colorful flowers inside your home for pops of color and a breath of fresh air. 

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